Ultrafiltration technology serves as a “Final Barrier” against suspended solids, and certain organic contaminants like high molecuCrusader Ultrafilterlar weight tannins, bacteria, mold, virus, and fungus that could be in your water. The Crusader CS-UF-01 offers 0.02 micron filtration at service flow rates of up to 12gpm. To meet higher service flow rates, it can operate in parallel with up to 4 other modules, or even feed a storage tank (atmospheric or pressurized) to ensure a sufficient service flow rate.

Utilizing Enpress’ patented and industry exclusive liner design, the internal UF module addresses colloids, bacteria, cysts, viruses, turbidity, tannins, and other particles down to 0.02 micron size. The high surface area Ultrafiltration bundles require normal line pressure to operate, offer low pressure drop, and are extremely water-efficient to clean.

The system is fully automatic and has an onboard injection system for cleaning and disinfecting the Ultrafiltration fibers contained inside the tank. The computerized control is programmed by your local Clean Water Crusader to ensure that it backwashes, forward-flushes and disinfects itself at an appropriate interval. A manual flush valve is included at the bottom of the tank to enable manual purging of the tank or for advanced operation.

The Crusader CS-UF-01 can be utilized as a final polishing stage or on water reclamation systems for Rainwater or Greywater, along with offering fail-secure protection during power outages and intermittent power situations.

The membrane array is NSF 61 certified, and the system is BioVir certified and tested for log reduction.


•Continuous flow at 10 gpm filtration at 0.02 microns.

•4.4 log reduction of Bacteria.

•2.4 log reduction of Virus.

•2.0 log (est) reduction of Cyst.

•100,000 MWC



•0.02 micron.

•Operating Temperature: 35 to 100 degrees F.

•Operation Pressure: 30 to 100 psi.

•Continuous Flow Rate: 10 gpm.

•The system provides a treated flow of up to 12 gpm at 25 C and 60 psi.

•Membrane is NSF 61 Certified.


Raw Water Specification:
• Pre-filtration: 5 microns or less.
• Chlorine: 1.0 ppm maximum for continuous flow (up to 2000 ppm for cleaning only).
• Iron: Less than 0.30 ppm.
• Manganese: Less than 0.05 ppm.
• Silt Density Index: Less than 6.0
• pH: 3 to 11.
• Pressure Decay Test (PDT) is required upon installation.