The patented quad-sensor technology employed in every Crusader Twin Analyst system was developed in response to the global water crisis.

Water hardness continues to fluctuate, and brine discharge continues to be a concern. Many solutions have been attempted in the marketplace, but none as elegantly as the Twin Analyst.

The Crusader Twin Analyst softener with upflow regeneration functionality and dual resin exhaustion sensors embodies some of the best features in salt-based softening that the industry currently has to offer: redundancy, intelligent sensing and efficient regeneration. After each regeneration, the control creates a new profile of the water conditions for the standby tank to use during it’s service cycle. Crusader systems include smart software that performs a “deep cleaning cycle.” Deep cleaning is a simple concept: Knowing that the resin media slowly loses functional capacity after extended “economy” regenerations, the system will initiate a deep cleaning cycle after a calculated number of regular high-efficiency cleanings. The software uses a proprietary algorithm to determine how often to do this, based on how many gallons have been processed, the age of the system and, of course, what the onboard sensors detect about the status of the resin media.

During deep cleaning, the control will temporarily forego the regular salt- and water-saving settings to perform a regeneration with a more concentrated brine solution to thoroughly clean the resin. We believe that this will become the new standard for performance, consistency and efficiency in the 21st century

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