Crusader Cartridge and Tank-based Orthophosphate treatment systems are used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications throughout the Continental USA and Canada to help address the following issues:

Phosphates easily adapt to any pre-existing water quality without negatively affecting the water chemistry. Referred to as inhibitors (ortho), sequestrants (poly), or blends (ortho/poly), phosphates have a selective function, yet wide range of performance.
Crusader Orthophosphate based systems are classified as corrosion inhibitors and as such react with dissolved metals (e.g. Ca, Mg. Zn, etc.) in the water to form a very thin metal-phosphate coating while also reacting with metals on pipe and fitting surfaces to form a microscopic barrier on the inner surface that is exposed to the treated water.

Crusader Polyphosphate based systems react with soluble metals (iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, etc.) by sequestering (binding-up) the metals to maintain their solubility in water. The phosphate sequestering process minimizes the risk of discoloration, staining, scaling, taste/odor and other water quality complaints.
Many secondary benefits can develop, such as:

Reduced chlorine demand due to corrosion inhibition and sequestration of Fe/Mn

Lower color and turbidity in the distribution system

Less staining, removal of system scale deposits

Control of biofilm regrowth, lower TOC

Fewer system coliform violations

Increased C-factors and hydraulic flow rates in system

Reduced electrical demand

Better valve operation

Improved meter accuracy

Less maintenance and service expenditures

Crusader’s Orthophosphate blended solutions are developed and manufactured in the USA to ensure rigorous quality control and environmental sustainability standards are maintained throughout.